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WAHLER has only one quality - the quality of the original!

Wahler is a well-known German manufacturer of automotive thermostats and EGR elements since 1902.

Since its founding in 1902 by Gustav Wahler, the company has always manufactured only thermostats and sensors. Today the headquarters are located in Esslingen near Stuttgart.

Wahler has manufacturing and R&D facilities in the United States, Germany, Argentina, as well as Brazil, Mexico.

About 90% of the manufactured products are sent directly to the assembly lines of some European and Asian automobile concerns in Eslingen and Oberboingen and only 10% goes to the secondary market of spare parts.

What's important is that WAHLER delivers an identical product to the assembly lines of car manufacturers and the aftermarket. This main advantage of WAHLER can be appreciated by any motorist because there is always, everywhere and for all WAHLER products there is only one quality - the quality of the original!

All products meet the requirements of VDA 6.1, DIN EN ISO 9001 and QS 9000. The quality is always high and fully complies with OEM standards.

Innovative technologies, quality and reliable products have long made WAHLER a favorite and irreplaceable supplier of many famous automakers:

  •     ALFA ROMEO
  •     AUDI
  •     BMW
  •     BOSCH
  •     DAF
  •     DAIMLER
  •     CHRYSLER
  •     FIAT
  •     FORD
  •     IVECO
  •     MAHLE
  •     MAN
  •     OPEL
  •     PEUGEOT
  •     PORSCHE
  •     RENAULT
  •     RVI
  •     SAAB
  •     SCANIA
  •     SEAT
  •     SKODA
  •     STEYR
  •     VAUXHALL
  •     VM
  •     VOLVO

Products of the brand in our product range: thermostats

Manufacturer: Germany

Company website: Wahler