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Shaftec - remanufactured or new, it's what we do.

The British company Shaftec Automotive Components Ltd has been known in the market for more than 20 years as a manufacturer and supplier of new and refurbished original transmission, steering and braking parts. The company's headquarters, main production and warehouse are located in the Hockley area in the center of Birmingham and occupy an area of 4000 sq.

Shaftec offers its customers the widest range of premium products, coupled with the constant presence of it in stock, ensuring the immediate shipment of 95% of the products available in the catalog and the highest level of customer service. The “Shaftec” philosophy remains true to the company's original vision that the manufacturing process for reconditioned parts should follow the same technical principles as in the manufacture of new ones. Renovation is not just a cheaper replacement for new parts. This is a process that leads to the fact that parts that are as good as new ones are tested the same way as new ones are subjected to a rigorous check for defects. For example, each Shaftec branded brake caliper is removed from the initial cast and checked for defects. All brake calipers are then refitted manually assembled using completely new components. This means 100% new pistons, springs, actuators and seals. Nothing remains intact, and everything is completely updated to the highest quality ISO 9001/2000. After assembly, each brake caliper passes the test of air pressure, which exceeds the pressure in the brake system of the car several times. This ensures the reliability and quality of every detail.