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NEW BRAND: SIDEM - manufacturer of suspension elements and steering!

SIDEM is a manufacturer of car suspension and steering elements with a wide range of products and more than 70 years of history.

The company was founded in 1933, in 1983 the company was acquired by Walter Verfaillie.

SIDEM designs, manufactures and distributes a wide and deep range of suspension and steering components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Today, high-quality SIDEM products are used not only by service stations and private owners, but also by the world's leading automakers, which use the components supplied by SIDEM on their main conveyors. By 1998, all SIDEM plants were ISO certified. In the manufacture of its parts SIDEM uses only high quality materials from carefully selected suppliers. All materials are rigorously tested, and the mechanisms undergo regular compliance checks. The company's motto is "We care about your safety!" confirmed by high European indicators: the level of technology used and the quality of finished products.

The production technologies adopted at all SIDEM plants are distinguished by their strict control of the quality of raw materials and production, as well as the quality of products "at the outlet". Due to the excellent value for money, wide range and many years of experience of the manufacturer in its field, SIDEM brand products have proven themselves and are in steady demand. A distinctive feature of the product, in addition to high standards of quality and reliability, is that SIDEM delivers high quality products for almost any car, including the latest models, and does so very quickly. SIDEM offers a full range of suspension and steering components. The range - more than 5,000 items, one of the largest in Europe. SIDEM has distributors in more than 80 countries around the world.


The quality of SIDEM products is confirmed by quality certificates!


Country: Belgium

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