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MATA - quality springs

Mata is an Indian company, one of the three largest producers of leaf and parabolic springs in the world for minibuses and trucks.

The company has nine strategically located production facilities, which provides cheaper and faster logistics for customers. These allowed the company to become one of the leaders in the market of OEM-suppliers.

Mata has its own research center, capable of designing multi-sheet and parabolic springs, as well as many other suspension parts for cars, trucks and special equipment. The Research and Development Center has the possibility of own testing and testing of products using equipment simulating the real operating conditions of the car. The presence of its own center allows the company to be among the first to want to see in the list of its partners many automobile giants. The R & D team of the center works closely with similar teams of these partners to create, modify, improve and implement new joint successful projects.

The company's policy is aimed at continuous technical improvement to provide customers with high-quality products and services. And it is the introduction of ISO / TS16949: 2009 and ISO 9001: 2008 quality management systems for the automotive sector on all production sites that shows the company's commitment to high quality standards.

Mata consistently improves its production capacity to become a pioneer in the spring industry. And he is proud to be able to produce the widest assortment of quality springs in a short time due to constant work on this. All springs are manufactured in accordance with vehicle standards and strict standards set by various automotive manufacturers.

The development time is significantly reduced due to fully automated critical operations. This not only provides the best quality, but also reduces the error in the final assembly. In addition to the standard procedures required to manufacture a leaf spring, Mata developed and implemented her process design in the most important operations.

Mata has a fully equipped laboratory with the latest equipment for various tests, including hardness tests, salt spray tests, etc., to determine many characteristics, including the strength of the steel, before taking it into production.

The main strategic customers of Mata are such automakers as Daimler AG, Renault Nissan, Isuzu, GM, Volvo, TATA, MAN.