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Kolbenschmidt (KS) is a German manufacturer and developer in the AVDtrade range!

KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH is an internationally recognized German developer and manufacturer of pistons, automotive filters, water pumps and other engine parts.

Kolbenschmidt (KS) is a German company producing a wide range of automotive filters, pistons, water pumps and other engine parts.
KOLBENSCHMIDT has been developing and producing engine parts, pistons, piston rings, liners, liners, cylinder blocks, block heads, valves and others.

  •     The company supplies its products to conveyors of major automobile and engine manufacturers: VAG, BMW, MERCEDES-BENZ, PORSCHE, MAN, FORD, IVECO, NISSAN/INFINITI, VOLVO, SCANIA, CATERPILLAR, GENERAL MOTORS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, JAGUAR and others.
  •     KOLBENSCHMIDT brand is a part of MS MOTORSERVICE International GmbH group which unites besides KOLBENSCHMIDT brand also PIERBURG, TRW and BF, which is a part of RHEINMETALL Automotive concern.
  •     Products of this manufacturer have always been of high quality and reliability.
  •     Parts under the KS brand are produced at more than 30 plants located around the world.


Country of production: Germany

Company website: Kolbenschmidt