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Kavo Parts - more than just car parts!

Kavo Parts is a Dutch packer and a leading supplier of auto parts from Japanese factories, owned by KAVO B.V. The brand's headquarters are located in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Since 1985, the company has specialized exclusively in spare parts for Japanese and Korean cars. KAVO has been a certified supplier since 1997.

KAVO products are in high demand in 40 countries around the world. "More than just car parts!" is exactly what characterizes Kavo Parts. High quality car parts, intensive expansion of the range and striving to meet the interests of consumers allow the company to maintain its leading position in the Asian car market.

The trade mark "Kavo Parts" was registered in 2008 and presented as a collection of different product lines.

Kavo Parts brand products include:
• Water pumps
• Brake pads
• Coupling mechanisms
• Hinges of equal angular velocity
• Spare parts of the gas distribution mechanism
• Spare parts for steering and suspension
• Thermostats, bearings
• Brake hoses and wiper brushes
• Filters
• Hubs, belts, rollers
• Separate electrical components
• Sensors
• Bushings and anthers

Kavo Parts also cooperates with 30 OEM suppliers certified in accordance with ISO / TS 16949.

Most auto parts are listed under the name "Kavo Parts", except for: AMC filters and KCW and NWB wiper blades.