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JBM is the best choice of professional tool!

JBM is a Spanish manufacturer of professional hand tools for the automotive and industrial industries since 1994.

JBM is one of the world's leading after-sales service providers, including for conveyor car assemblies.

For 30 years, the company has been offering service stations over 5000 items exported to 55 countries.

The main criteria when choosing an auto tool is quality and reliability! "By choosing JBM, you get a high quality professional tool at a competitive price."

The quality of the company's products complies with the high international standards of the ISO 9000-4 production quality management and management system.

JBM product range:

• Hand tools of all kinds

• Furniture and accessories for workshops

• Various consumables

• Percussion instruments

• Equipment for service stations

• Special tool

• Fasteners

• Lighting