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FEBEST - German quality for Asian cars!

FEBEST is a German company founded in 1999 in Frankfurt am Main by two talented engineers Mark Bartfeld, Otto Schrumer from the German aviation industry, who developed the latest technologies in the field of polymers.

Febest is headquartered in Berlin and is represented by Febest Autoteile GmbH, and the Febest trademark was registered in 2007.

Febest in numbers:

  • 5 continents
  • 19 countries
  • 25 representative offices
  • 1000 employees worldwide

World sales of more than 12,500,000 spare parts / year

Febest is presented in the main world automobile catalogs: TecDoc, ALDOC, inforicambi

Product groups Febest:

• Brake system

• Body elements


• Bearings

• CV joints

• Crosspieces

• Clutch system

• Rubber metal products

The company's products are represented by 12,000 articles, of which 10-15% are unique items. The products cover more than 70,000 OEM items. Every 3 months, Febest releases 150-200 new products. In 2020, the company began production of shock absorbers and timing belts in partnership with Hitachi High Technologies. Febest products meet Ukrainian quality and safety standards, as evidenced by типуUA46A (b) 083700 certificates. The FEBEST company is engaged in production of automobile spare parts for the Japanese and Korean cars.

The motto of the company "German practicality, for Japanese cars".

This means that each part of the car will have its own repair kit! Rubber-metal parts are made taking into account severe climatic conditions, where the rubber formula is based only on natural rubber with the use of additives that allow you to operate the product at extremely low temperatures.

Hydraulic silent blocks and cushions are filled with synthetic oils with additives that allow you to operate products down to -45 degrees Celsius.

The company pays special attention to the accuracy of tolerances.


Country-producer: Germany

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