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FACET - Italian manufacturer of world renown

FACET - Italian manufacturer of world renown, was founded in 1946. The company AVD Trade has recently been the official distributor of FACET products.

A wide range of spare parts for European and Asian cars are available in the company's range.

Among which:

1. Switches and sensors (sensors of signal lamps of oil pressure, sensors of a signal of braking, sensors of water temperature, switches of a backing);
2. Engine control elements (engine speed and phase sensors, throttle position sensors, lambda probes, absolute pressure sensors, knock sensors, air flow sensors, air temperature sensors, thermostats);
3. Ignition elements (ignition distributor covers, coils, wires, contacts).

The important point is that all FACET products, without exception, are certified according to ISO TS 16949, this implies that it meets all the requirements for OE parts.

Most modern sensors are made using electronic components.

Therefore, the quality of sensors directly depends on the quality of their performance and resistance to the influence of external factors. Production of all electronic components is carried out behind glass "in a clean room" without the intervention of manual labor. All FACET sensors are 100% monitored and calibrated.

Therefore, FACET sensors are capable of ensuring maximum efficiency and economy of engine operation, which cannot be said of products made in the countries of the Far East.

If we are talking about the elements of coolant control, it is also important to know that the plastic parts of such elements are welded using ultrasound, so the shells of such elements are easier to break in another place than along the seam.

It should also be mentioned that

that FACET experts pay attention to the after-sales support of their products. FACET products are presented in TecDoc.