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BREDA LORETT - Attention to the details of the proven quality from the manufacturer

"BREDA LORETT" - the company is represented on the market as a manufacturer that develops and sells each product.

Dear partners, we are glad to present you a novelty in our assortment, BREDA LORETT (Italy)

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BREDA LORETT produces such groups of spare parts:

- Belt tension and guide rollers

- Timing Kits

- Wheel bearing sets

- Damper pulleys

- Free-wheeling mechanisms of the generator

- Clutch release bearings

How to create the perfect product

BREDA LORETT travels all the way from the idea to the realization of products, going through the stages of design, serial production, quality control on the production line and acceptance testing.Breda Lorett's products have been tested by imitation testing in a metrology laboratory.

Research and development

The company's technical department deals with all stages of the research and development process, starting with the CAD 3D software, which imitates the work of products, thus shortening the production time.

Planning of all stages of the project is carried out in a detailed manner and is accompanied by the necessary documentation in accordance with the procedures of ISO / TS.

The operation of creating prototypes is performed in a traditional way and using a 3D printer, which allows you to instantly check the material compliance with the project parameters.

Tests and measurements

The company's metrological laboratory, in which all tests and measurements are carried out, is equipped with all the necessary instrumentation and test facilities, in order to ensure a systematic verification of the functionality of products, both at the design stage and in the operating mode.

Assembly and marking

The products are assembled using multi-position presses or presses with a load cell for 100% control of the correctness of pressing the bearing. It should be especially noted the production line of automatic belt tensioners.

During the production process, 100% torque and damping control is performed on the line itself. For each part manufactured in the company, a marking shall be placed at the end of the process.

By order for products you can put the customer's marking, thus completely individualizing the supply.