Подпись к картинке

BOSMA - for a better life

BOSMA is a Polish company that has been specializing in car sources of light for many years and shines by example on the roads of all of Europe.

The product range consists of:

- Main light lamps (LED lamps, Xenon, Halogen lamps)

- Auxiliary lamps for interior lighting, dimensions (LED and standard)

- Headlights additional light and DRL

- Powerbank with engine start function

- fuses, cable ties, inspection lamps and flashlights

BOSMA products meet all the requirements of the standards operating in the European market, and have the appropriate certificates.

The main priorities are: quality assurance, reasonable price and professional service.

BOSMA plants are modern and fully automated production lines. Thanks to this, all manufactured products are of high quality.

Using BOSMA products, you get a guarantee of quality and reliability.