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Beru is a progressive and innovative manufacturer!

Beru is a German manufacturer of components for automotive ignition systems as well as other engine electrical parts since 1912.

Beru has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer whose products are supplied to automotive manufacturers and the aftermarket as part of Borg Warrner GmbH.
A number of leading car manufacturers cooperate with Beru:

  •     AUDI,
  •     BMW,
  •     VW,
  •     CITROEN,
  •     DAEWOO,
  •     FERRARI,
  •     FIAT,
  •     FORD,
  •     HYUNDAI,
  •     KIA,
  •     LAND ROVER,
  •     LANCIA,
  •     MASERATI,
  •     NISSAN,
  •     OPEL,
  •     PEUGEOT,
  •     RENAULT,
  •     SAAB,
  •     SEAT,
  •     VOLVO.

Beru holds patents for introducing new technologies that improve the environmental compatibility of engines as well as the level of safety and comfort; it supplies spare parts to OE for most car manufacturers; it has ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 quality certification.

Today, Beru is one of the top three sales leaders for automotive engine electrical components. Almost all passenger car, truck and engine manufacturers are BergWarner customers. The main production facilities of Beru, producing glow plugs and ignition coils are located in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Striving for progress and innovation is the basis of Beru's success. The scientific base of the company consists of 21 technology centers worldwide and allows the company to use the latest findings and technologies for the production of original equipment for the aftermarket. Hundreds of patents have been filed to implement new technologies that make engines more environmentally friendly as well as safer and more comfortable.

Brand products in our assortment:

  •     ignition coils
  •     glow plugs
  •     glow plug relays

Country of Origin: Germany

Company website: BERU