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+1 manufacturer of gaskets in the range - AJUSA!

Ajusa - widely known since 1972 in Western Europe and even in Asian countries Spanish manufacturer of gaskets.

In 1972, AJUSA launched its first cylinder-head gasket. Today the company offers the most extensive catalog of engine gaskets in the industry and the most comprehensive range of oil supply tubes and turbocharger kits.

AJUSA catalog includes more than 200,000 items and is constantly updated.

 Advanced manufacturer of spare parts for European and Asian cars and other vehicles.

  •    At the same time all products in 89 countries received ISO 9001, ISO/TS16946 and ISO 14001 certificates.
  •    Ajusa catalogs can be found the following: camshafts, oil seals, cylinder head bolts, ICE gaskets and hydraulic tappets, valve stem seals.
  •    Products are made in Spain, in the province of Albacete.

It is known that Ajusa supplies its products to several European assembly lines of automobile companies. Before buying make sure that the sticker contains an article, a bar code and a special QR code and the spare part inside has no mechanical defects.


Manufacturer: Spain


Company website: AJUSA