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+1 brand in the portfolio! Elring is a German manufacturer of sealing systems!

Elring is a German manufacturer of sealing systems for more than 140 years, covering 98% of European car models and about 60% of Asian models.

Elring is the world's largest manufacturer of gaskets and has one of the oldest companies in Germany, which currently owns more than 20 plants.

For more than 140 years, it has proven its competence in sealing technology. Has competence in the field of original parts thanks to ElringKlinger AG - a serial supplier and technology leader in the global market of the automotive industry.

Elring parts are the quality of original equipment!

Some of the brand's products are supplied to assembly lines of Mazda, Opel, Ford, VW and Volvo.

Elring company offers a wide, market-oriented range of gaskets, gasket kits and service parts, as well as a large selection of sealants. The company develops and manufactures components for engines, transmissions and exhaust systems, as well as alternative drive systems for almost all makes of cars and engines. The innovative strength and competence in the area of original equipment components is the basis for the company's high reputation and success in the global automotive aftermarket. For many years, the traditional Elring - Das Original brand has been a guarantee of the highest level of quality, safety, service, speed of delivery and reliability.


Country of origin: Germany

Company website: Elring

Original catalog: ERLING catalog